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Evidence-based investment strategies

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When medical practice evolved from art (anecdotes) to science (evidence), progress came in leaps and bounds. Shouldn't investing be like that too?


Having a few good years looks good but means little. You must have a system in place -- a process -- a repeatable approach.

Low Cost

Through careful management, mindful trading, and scalable technology we pass cost savings on to you. Smaller fees = Bigger Returns.

Interests Aligned

You pay for advice and you get it. No commissions and hidden incentives involved. We are product and company-neutral.

Bily Xiao, CFP, CKA

Certified Financial Planner,
Founder of Mobius Planning

Case Studies

Each financial plan is custom tailored to a client's unique situation.

Jon & Carol


Jon and Carol had started thinking about retirement a bit more. They love their family and love their work. They're established in their careers. Their children are thriving, and having children of their own. They became grandparents a couple of years ago.

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About the Company

Mobius Planning provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management to clients across Canada. We work especially with those who have a heart to give and make a difference in the world—to steward and maximize their wealth so they can live well and give generously.

Founder & Principal, Bily Xiao, is a Certified Financial Planner with a background at Microsoft and other tech companies. He has been cited on Forbes, Yahoo Finance and The Huffington Post for his financial expertise and is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Canada.

What We Offer

Financial Planning

We look at everything in your financial life to make sure it is set up, tuned up, and rightly balanced in consideration of what is important to you.

Expert Guidance

From an accredited Certified Financial Planner, Certified Kingdom Advisor, and optimization-obsessed former University of Waterloo engineer.


Globally diversified and evidence-based strategies managed by a roster of world class Portfolio Managers.

Confidence & Clarity

We map out your flight plan and keep you on track along the way. We help you steward your finances wisely, make smart decisions about money, and achieve your goals.

Our Process

A thorough, multi-step approach allows us to give you a tailor-made, personalized plan, with all facts considered and all options explored.

1. Organize
2. Analyze
3. Strategize
4. Realize


All this stuff about money is not actually about money. It’s about living with confidence, doing what you love, giving to causes you care about, having better marital harmony, spending time with grandchildren and leaving an impact in the world.-- whatever matters most to you. We help you get more, so you can give more, and ultimately, just do what you love.

Our Promise

Fiduciary Oath

We operate under a fiduciary pledge to work in our clients best interests. Our complete focus is what is best for you.

Real Advice

Get real advice, not a product sales pitch. We give you the advice you deserve and have been looking for.

Why Work With Mobius?

Sound Advice

Get real advice. Not a sales pitch. Be confident knowing you're taking an approach of proven strategies, sound principles and evidence-based research.

Happy Simplicity

We figure it all out for you so you don't have to. Delegate the heavy lifting to us. We'll provide you the bottom line.

Joyful Giving

Get more to give more. It's core to our mission. We love to give and want to set you up for abundance and greater giving.

Wise Stewardship

Be a good steward of your resources. Manage your finances well in alignment to both your goals and your values.

Getting Swindled

Without a trusted advisor, you're prone to being sold and swindled by a product salesperson masquerading as giving 'advice'.

Making Blunders

Making a big mistake. Doing something too late. Paying more tax than you have to. Taking more risk than you should.

Stress & Worry

You wonder if you're doing the right thing. News headlines have you worried. You're not on the same page with your spouse.

Unfulfilled Goals

You're too busy, overwhelmed, unsure, poorly advised to make the most of your finances, leaving you short of fulfilling your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The lack of regulations in Canada means anyone can call themselves a financial planner or financial advisor without rigorous training. Oftentimes, it is only sales training that is had. In contrast, a CFP® or CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional has achieved and maintains internationally recognized standards of knowledge, skills, abilities and ethics. The CFP designation provides assurance to Canadians that the design of their financial future rests with an appropriately qualified professional who will put clients’ interests ahead of their own.
What company do you represent?
We are independent. Rather than represent any one company, we represent your best interests.

Our independence also means an open, multi-platform approach. We partner with and have access to world-class talent and suppliers.
What cities/locations do you serve?
We serve clients across Canada through online meetings and phone. We also serve clients face to face at our offices, locally, in Richmond, BC and Vancouver, BC.


I have tried investing on my own and have realized that I have no idea what I'm doing. So I needed to find a professional that was smarter than me at this. Therefore Bily. Since Bily has an analytical background, he was able to show me numbers that made sense. Beyond the basic compound interest PV calculations they teach you in high school accounting. He was able to provide more sophisticated PV calcs including tax implications. If you want to just buy funds, you can go to anyone any they'll provide you with some compound interest calculations that may wow you. If you want intelligent, and analytical reasoning behind your investments, Bily's your man.

Rudolph N - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Bily has been my financial advisor for over the last year and aside from being extremely competent, he provides insightful advice catered to MY personal situation. One quality that truly stands out is his ability to listen, understand and propose solutions. He has been easy to communicate with and I am confident that he also has my best interest when it comes to ensuring my financial goals are within reach. One of the finest and most professional advisors I know.

Damian H - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Bily, thank you for taking the time to really listen to what was on my heart and helping me gauge on what is important. I really appreciate the time and care that you took in walking through this process with me and for giving me a different perspective of financial stewardship. I know the importance and value of it, but you took it to another level and showed me the depths into every area of my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Cindy C - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Bily was referred to me by a family member. I'm not that well versed in investing and he was able to explain everything very clearly. He communicated quickly and clearly and made a lot of time to make sure I understood what I was investing in. I'd recommend his services to anyone that is looking for an investment/insurance advisor that they can trust.

Lyen L - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Advisor

I've known Bily for a good few years now, he is definitely someone who I can fully trust and rely on because of the person he is. He is a man who seeks other people's interests, I've personally experienced and witnessed how much he cares for people and how well he takes care of them. His intelligence simply amazes me and he is always striving for excellence, not to mention he has great work ethics. There is no reason why I wouldn't find him to take care of my investments. He is a blessing to my life.

Elizabeth C - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Advisor

Bily has been helping me for the past year to get my financial things in order since I've never bothered with investments or financial planning in the past. He was very straightforward and explained that I had many financial planning options to choose from and he advised me on what would make the most sense for my situation. He was very thorough, detailed, knowledgeable and gave me the sense that my financial planning was in good hands. He doesn't try to up sell or make you buy options you don't need. I feel like I have a good financial foundation now both in knowledge and finances.

Karen - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Advisor

We've always dealt with the banks prior to meeting Bily. Let's just say the experience was a lot different. Bily took the time to explain a lot of things that the bank reps never did. I feel more confident in where my money is invested now.

Joan - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Bily was absolutely great to deal with. He took his time to understand our needs, explained all the various options, and gave us his honest opinion on what he felt was best for us.

Jeff - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Finances are SO important but I don't have time to learn about all the options and stay on top of things myself! I just want to meet regularly with someone to help me summarize and optimize things. Working with Bily has been a great decision. His advice is free of conflict of interest because it's not based on commission. He makes things easy to understand and educates us on financial concepts. He is a great listener and completely personalizes things based on our needs. Without him we'd just set it and forget it. Bily is constantly looking out for our interests, going above and beyond to find us the best quotes, connecting us with the right people. Really appreciate having him as a resource and really trust him as an adviser!

Josh and Charlene - Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Bily has helped me over the past few years to provide much needed guidance with my finances and help me feel confident about investing again. He is one of the most kind, honest and trusted individuals I know, and would recommend his services to any family or friend that I know.

Joshua N - A Client Worked With Our Certified Financial Planner

I had a ton of questions about different financial products that are available on the market and Bily was very patient in helping to explain each one in detail. He will listen to your needs and work with you to find something that fits your lifestyle. I would highly recommend Bily's services!

Jing C - A Client Worked With Our Certified Financial Planner

I went to Bily to review my insurance options as a few of my friends referred him to me and I didn’t quite trust other advisors I had already seen. Unlike other advisors, Bily didn’t try to sell me things I didn’t need or wasn’t comfortable with. I trust Bily and really appreciated the time he took to review and explain the different options and to find the plans that tailored to my needs. Knowledgeable, friendly and patient - would most definitely recommend him to others!

Lysa L - A Client Worked With Our Certified Financial Planner

Bily took the time to meet with me and show me how both investment and insurance can work to protect and create wealth. Meeting my financial goals was an eye opening process and Bily was patient in teaching and explaining every step of the way. He was always respectful of my thoughts and sought to find the best solutions for my individual situation.

Kris W - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Bily is a compassionate individual who has the heart of a teacher. He listened to my needs and educated about the different options on the market and recommended what he would do for himself and his own family. Most importantly, he did not force me to choose and option but consulted and helped me make a decision myself based on my needs. Thanks Bily!

Jason C - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Having a young family, making sure we had someone that we could trust to help us plan for the next 5 and 50+ years was paramount. Bily is extremely competent and professional, I was very impressed with his depth of knowledge and his ability to craft a financial plan that suited our needs perfectly. I would gladly recommend Bily's services to anyone needing a financial advisor.

Barbara L - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Thanks Bily for helping me put together a forward-looking financial plan. I appreciate all the time you put into meeting with me and listening to my goals, researching and fact-checking all my questions, giving strategic planning options, and even taking my calls on your day off.


Bily provided me excellent recommendations for life insurance. He was able to explain to me thoroughly the different options available, and advised me with the one best suited for my needs. I can confidently trust on his advice because this financial planner is very analytical and also very kind, and wants the best for his customers.


Working with Bily has been such a pleasure. I appreciate his honesty and pressure-free approach. He took his time to understand the needs of my family before making any suggestions. I feel very comfortable that my insurance and financial needs are being taken care of. I highly recommend this financial planner's service.


Even having had some education about personal finances, trying to handle them and also understanding the options out there presented by multiple companies can be difficult. This Vancouver financial planner does a very good job of researching what is out there and presenting what he thinks is a good fit based on your financial goals. As some others have mentioned, this financial advisor is extremely patient and doesn't push you make decisions. And on top of that, if you have something that you want to get done, Bily always tries to get you asap even if it means working a little past conventional work hours.


Bily has been a great financial advisor when I was starting my career and in the phase of just getting engaged. He taught me the financial knowledge that I wouldn't have known and was really deliberate and patient with teaching the financial fundamentals. This Vancouver financial planner presents the best options based on personal financial goals and never tries to push anything on you, but rather he has a heart to provide the best service to every individual client to his utmost ability.


Bily is a great financial advisor who takes the time to really understand your financial and insurance needs. As a result, he has laid out a comprehensive plan that is tailored to help me to reach my goals within my budget. This Vancouver financial planner is always quick to respond and effectively explains finance and insurance concepts and jargon. Bily never pressured me to buy any products from him, but gave me the time and resources to make informed decisions. He's someone that has my best interests at heart and I would recommend him for his value-added service


This Vancouver financial planner is able to understand my complexity and concerns. Bily has helped me build out my financial strategies and I can always rely on him for good advice.


I needed to find a Vancouver financial planner that was smarter than me at this. Since Bily has an analytical background, he was able to show me numbers that made sense.


I’m one of the more reputable roofers in White Rock and I was in need of a Vancouver financial advisor to help me with my needs. I'm glad I found Bily. I find his professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm unmatched. He has assisted in the development of a solid plan that ensures my family's protection and future. Thank you!


My wife and I would definitely recommend Bily's financial planning services to anyone. From the beginning, he took time to patiently listen to all our financial concerns and questions regarding insurance and investing. We were consistently impressed by his transparency and clarity through the whole process. We've really felt confident in the personalized plan he's made for our family, and will definitely continue to count on his valuable financial advice into the future.

Felix C - Vancouver Financial Advisor

Bily helped me developed some short-term and long-term goals. He listened to my financial concerns and took the time to explain various concepts to me!!

Grace C - Vancouver Financial Advisor

My wife and I were working out many difficult financial decisions and Bily was able to walk us through the mess and give us very practical options for the short and long term. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and really puts the focus on helping people understand their options for managing financial needs. We highly recommend this Vancouver financial advisor!

Ian N - Vancouver Financial Advisor

Bily was very helpful in all his advice. He was not pushy and was very knowledgeable in providing a holistic view. He took the time to help us understand all the concepts that we needed to know. I recommend his services.

Joses W - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Bily listened attentively and went beyond. My circumstances are unusual and it's challenging to find insurance that work for me. He helped me find solutions to fit my needs. I really appreciated it and would highly recommend Bily.

Seak Pek C - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Financial management was never our forte. We just did the average RRSP/TFSA contributions and never really understood where our money was going. We've always dealt with the banks prior to meeting Bily. Let's just say the experience was a lot different. Bily took the time to explain a lot of things that the bank reps never did. I feel more confident in where my money is invested now and I'm glad we made the switch to Mobius Wealth.

Mom W - - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Advisor

Financial planning has never been an area of interest for me; however, with a family and 2 young kids I understood that it was necessary to have a good plan in place. I am glad we have Bily. I appreciate his clear communication and being able adapt the planning with regards to our future plans. Bily enjoys learning and exploring ways of how to do things better. If he doesn't have an answer for you, he will research it and respond. I appreciated the new software used that made it easy to follow and understand our plan. Overall, I have confidence that Bily has our personal interests at heart and would recommend him to anyone as a financial advisor.

Becky C - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Planner

Had a brief but very informative consultation with Bily and i couldn't be more happy with the advice he has given me.

I really am pleased with his level of clarity and professionalism he displays, he managed to clearly give me a better understanding of my investment and savings options and so far its been sound financial advice. Look no further, Bily is your guy when it comes to getting your finances in order :)

Walter E - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Advisor

I've never thought about getting financial planning before I was introduced to Bily. I am self-employed and run a local rodent control company in Burnaby so it doesn't have complex finances that I can't handle. But my friend mentioned Billy offered comprehensive financial planning services and that helped him tremendously. That's why I gave it a try and had an consultation with Bily. During the meeting, we covered quite a few goals that I wanted to achieve and he already offered a few suggestions. It's been a year now and I am very pleased with his services. It's great to have a trustworthy financial planner looking after your finances. I would definitely recommend Billy if you want to achieve any financial goals.

Nancy C - A Client Worked With Our Vancouver Financial Advisor

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