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Retirement Income

How long will my money last? How much can I spend so I won't run out? When should I take government benefits like CPP and OAS? Which of my assets should I spend first?

Risk Management

What if we hit a recession? What if money is needed for failing health? What if I 'outlive' my money? Addressing the what ifs of uncertain investment returns, uncertain needs, uncertain lifespan.

Tax Planning

How do I minimize taxes? How do I avoid clawbacks to my government benefits? What about probate fees and other taxes on my estate? How can I optimize my charitable giving for tax efficiency?

Wealth Transfer

How much can I pass on to my children? How can I give less to the taxman and more to my loved ones? How can I leave a charitable legacy? Should I set up a charitable foundation?

Bily Xiao, CFP, CKA

Certified Financial Planner,
Founder of Mobius Planning

Case Studies

Each financial plan is custom tailored to a client's unique situation.

Jon & Carol


Jon and Carol had started thinking about retirement a bit more. They love their family and love their work. They're established in their careers. Their children are thriving, and having children of their own. They became grandparents a couple of years ago.

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About the Company

Mobius Planning provides comprehensive retirement planning service and retirement advise clients across Canada. Our retirement planners and retirement advisors work especially with those who have a heart to give and make a difference in the world—to steward and maximize their wealth so they can live well and give generously.

Founder & Principal, Bily Xiao, is a Certified Financial Planner with a background at Microsoft and other tech companies. He has been cited on Forbes, Yahoo Finance and The Huffington Post for his financial expertise and is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Canada.

What We Offer

Financial Planning

We look at everything in your financial life to make sure it is set up, tuned up, and rightly balanced in consideration of what is important to you.

Expert Guidance

From an accredited Certified Financial Planner, Certified Kingdom Advisor, and optimization-obsessed former University of Waterloo engineer.


Globally diversified and evidence-based strategies managed by a roster of world class Portfolio Managers.

Confidence & Clarity

We map out your flight plan and keep you on track along the way. We help you steward your finances wisely, make smart decisions about money, and achieve your goals.

Our Retirement Planning Process

A thorough, multi-step approach allows our retirment planners and retirement advisors to give you a tailor-made, personalized plan, with all facts considered and all options explored.

1. Organize
2. Analyze
3. Strategize
4. Realize


All this stuff about money is not actually about money. It’s about living with confidence, doing what you love, giving to causes you care about, having better marital harmony, spending time with grandchildren and leaving an impact in the world -- whatever matters most to you. Our retirement planners and retirement advisors help you get more, so you can give more, and ultimately, just do what you love.

Our Promise

Fiduciary Oath

Our retirement planners and retirement advisors operate under a fiduciary pledge to work in our clients best interests. Our complete focus is what is best for you.

Real Advice

Get real advice, not a product sales pitch. Our retirement planners and retirement advisors give you the advice you deserve and have been looking for.

Why Work With Mobius?

Sound Advice

Actually have a plan. Know that what you're doing is based on proven strategies, sound principles and evidence-based research.

Happy Simplicity

Our retirement planners and retirement advisors figure it all out for you so you don't have to. Delegate the heavy lifting to us. We'll provide you the bottom line.

Joyful Giving

Get more to give more. It's core to our mission. Our retirement planners and retirement advisors love to give and want to set you up for abundance and greater giving.

Wise Stewardship

Be a good steward of your resources. Manage your finances well in alignment to both your goals and your values.

Getting Swindled

Without an professional plan, you're prone to being sold and swindled by a product sales "advisor" offering "free advice".

Making Blunders

Making a big mistake. Doing something too late. Paying more tax than you have to. Taking more risk than you should.

Stress & Worry

You wonder if you're doing the right thing. News headlines have you worried. You're not on the same page with your spouse.

Unfulfilled Goals

You're too busy, overwhelmed, unsure, poorly advised to make the most of your finances, leaving you short of fulfilling your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The lack of regulations in Canada means anyone can call themselves a financial planner or financial advisor without rigorous training. Oftentimes, it is only sales training that is had. In contrast, a CFP® or CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional has achieved and maintains internationally recognized standards of knowledge, skills, abilities and ethics.

The CFP designation provides assurance to Canadians that the design of their financial future rests with an appropriately qualified professional who will put clients’ interests ahead of their own.
What company do you represent?
We are independent. Rather than represent any one company, we represent your best interests.

Our independence also means an open, multi-platform approach. We partner with and have access to world-class talent and suppliers.
What cities/locations do you serve?
Our retirement planners and retirement advisors serve clients across Canada through online meetings and phone. Our retirement planners and retirement advisors also serve clients face to face at our offices, locally, in Richmond, BC and Vancouver, BC.
Free Consultation
Free Consultation